Matievics Családi Borászat és Vendégház

7121 Szálka, Hrsz 07/10

Tel: +36 20 44 99 652

E-mail: matievics@szalkabor.hu



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We speak English

Whilst working on the full English version of our site, we would like to offer our virtual and real-life visitors an overview about who we are, what we do and why you should visit us.

We are a family based vinery and guest house in one of Hungary's best wine regions – well, if you ask us, it is actually THE best wine region, certainly so for red and rosé.

We acquired the estate, a completely under cultivated plot of land in a most beautiful setting just a couple of years ago.  We have since planted 1.6 hectares of grapes and completed our guesthouse following the traditions of local architecture.

We don't have a 'centuries-old' family tradition in grape growing or winemaking.What we certainly do possess though is limitless enthusiasm – without which it would have been impossible to turn this empty site into what you can see in our gallery - , the dedication to share with our visitors the experience the place has been giving us ever since our first encounter, and the commitment to quality in what we do. 

We would like to offer the highest quality services in terms of what is often called 'agricultural tourism'. Our goal is to go beyond what that means many times over. Szálka, our village and the Szekszárd region in general offers a wealth of opportunities to experience rural life. Visitors can enjoy hiking, biking or horse back riding in untouched forests. Or they can explore small villages or huge wheat fields and grapevines and guests at Matievics Családi Borászat és Vendégház can enjoy the culinary arts just as much as the tasting of wines of various cellars in the neighbourhood.

The region has a flourishing and developing sports culture with professional and amateur sports events around the year attracting crowds from all over the country, and abroad in many cases. With the city of Pécs only a short drive away, a recent European capital of culture offers various programmes for young and old. We are convinced that there is huge potential for further developing tourism in the village and the region. And we would like to be part of it simply because we love this place. 

After the brief introduction we encourage you to look at our photos, maybe try to understand some of the Hungarian text. If you need any information about our wine or accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us on matievics@szalkabor.hu or +36 30 235 3717. You can also follow us on www.facebook.com/matievicsbor.